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Subject: digimon world 2 (Playstation1)
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necrkorn 8.06.08 - 09:04am
Please help me, ive lost my manual. Could someone please help me on how to catch digimon. What parts do i need and how do i confront a digimon and catch it. Thanx. *

nttkd 8.06.08 - 04:28pm
yo necro my man. u stalking me? lol which digimon is it coz i 4got which 1 i had. i had 2 shoot them with toys but i think thats world 1 *

necrkorn 11.06.08 - 11:20pm
Toys is a gift to capture digimon of all types and it might be in both 1 nd 2. I worked it out. When searching in a domain and you see a enemy digimon coming towards you. Press the square b*tton then choose the correct gift thats the same type as the digimon you want to capture. A heart will appear on top of the enemy digimon's head but make sure to keep shooting gifts at it so the heart gets bigger. Then attack the enemy digimon but defeat the digimon you want to capture last. *

nttkd 13.06.08 - 08:06am
thats wat i was gonna say ! hey is that the digimon world where u choose between the different teams like black sword and stuff ? *

nttkd 13.06.08 - 11:04pm
lol ok dats da 1 i had *

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